Keyword Reading Challenge || February Link-up Post

After a tumultuous wave of discombobulation ― otherwise known as the worst reading slump in my frivolous existence, I unveiled a sense of grit and resolution in light of the New Year.  So there I was, eager and determined to read a book or two by the end of the first week in January #NewYearNewMe right? Well, as luck would have it, it turns out I ended up reading book two in the Of Metal and Wishes series rather than the first book and as a result, my willpower was crushed and shattered. Why even try?

Nevertheless, I did start reading Of Metal and Wishes (book one) and am a little more than halfway through the book! So, there’s still some sort of hope. And so for the month of February, I will be reading Roseblood by A.G. Howard using the keyword Rose.

Be sure to link up your book reviews as they will count towards additional entries in our End of the Year Giveaway! Please note, February’s book review link-up will close March 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST.  


  1. Link up your book reviews as follows: Book Title @ Your blog, Goodreads, Booklikes, etc. + (Keyword).
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The Keywords for February are: And, Rose, Promise, Every, Deception, Blazing

What book(s) do you have lined up for the month of February? Why not share a picture of said book on Instagram and/or Twitter!

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3 thoughts on “Keyword Reading Challenge || February Link-up Post

  1. Ooh, I have this one to read too Claudia, really looking forward to seeing what you think of it. I haven’t picked out my February read as yet but for January I read Caraval. A fantasy carnival type circus with performers and it was a long stretch but I chose Court, as in the Court Jester. I’ll have to preorder Roseblood after seeing those gorgeous stained paged. So, so beautiful.

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