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      Focus: Thinking about enterprises and employees after the epidemic

      On February 13, 2020, the wechat public number "Manufacturing Industry" published a letter to Mr. Huang Qifan of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University: "I am afraid that the epidemic is gone, and the factory is gone, which is more terrible than the epidemic itself!" Some influences, measures and methods of the next Chinese manufacturing industry are explained.

      After reading, deeply understand.

      I am an ordinary business owner of a lifesaving equipment factory after 70, from the original one-person SOHO company to a trading company, then to a factory, and then to its own brand, research and development, production and marketing, domestic and overseas marketing.

      China has never lacked talents, nor research and development capabilities, nor the ability to face difficulties, but the lack of dependence between people, the lack of pattern.

      The picture shows the Japanese 100 Yuan store

      After publishing this compilation,
      It might make a lot of people squirt,
      But everything is just my opinion,
      I think I got to your heart's content,
      Please give me a like,
      Our company's methods. You're welcome.

      I remember that in 2008, against the opposition of my family, I gave up the opportunity to work in Japan and returned to China.
      The reason is very simple, I want to go back to China to start a business, open a company of my own.
      When I lived and worked in Japan, I saw that almost 80% of the products were Made in China, but as long as the products marked "Made in China" were cheaper, I always felt bad.

      I remember that I just returned to China in 2008, although this year was the global financial crisis,
      But I believe that no matter how the financial crisis, everyone still has to live, still have to consume,
      So none of this stopped me from starting a company.

      Maybe it was because the trading opportunities were better in 2009 than they are now, or maybe it was because God was looking out for me,
      It started out as one person, one computer, one desk,
      But I'm still very strict with myself to do what a regular company does,
      Do annual planning and monthly planning carefully.
      Ask yourself to work time and work tasks every day.

      By the next year, 2010, we had hired eight employees because of the expansion of the business.
      Eight hours in the day, everyone doing their own thing,
      After dinner in the evening, I will give you meetings and trainings every night, from product training to business expansion to customer correspondence and customer development.
      At that time, although everyone was very hard, but very happy, not only everyone's business ability has been greatly improved, the performance is also constantly rising.
      We often study together, party together, and go out together in a car.
      Together, we are like family, even like brothers and sisters.

      The picture shows the company's Hainan tourism in 2011

      In 2011, our original office space (suite) was not enough, so we rented an 800 square office building, and the staff grew from 13 to 36 people. The business has also developed from the Japanese market to the international market.
      Yes, we all do, and there's a bidding agreement,
      But instead of suing,
      It's better to use the time and energy of the lawsuit to reflect on yourself,
      Make your business stronger.

      【 Transformation-transformation-transformation 】
      Trade to factories, to give themselves a new metamorphosis process.
      Personally, I think you should have the following:
      1, have their own research and development
      2, have their own brand
      3, have their own core technology
      4, there is also a mechanism to attract talent

      The first three points are easy to understand, easy to solve but it takes time.
      The most important is number 4, difficult, but if it works best.
      Because novice or skilled,
      If you want your employees to create value,
      So companies are going to have to spend money and effort anyway to cultivate,
      Just like when I was a trading company.
      But once the opportunity is ripe,
      They think they can start a company,
      You might want to start your own business, become a Boss,
      After all, it's easy to start a company,
      It doesn't cost much,
      Government support for entrepreneurship is increasing,
      And everyone wants to be the boss and work is only temporary.
      However, because they have not experienced and do not know the current economic situation, not everyone can casually succeed. So it is a variety of detours and vicious competition in the same industry.

      In my recruitment process in recent years, there has been such a phenomenon:
      About 75% of the interviewees who have worked for more than 5 years have entrepreneurial experience, but either because the capital chain is broken, or the competitors are not able to handle the pressure, and give up their career to find a job, but when they look for a job again, they are not high or low.

      The time for going it alone is over,
      Only together can we develop rapidly
      (Enterprises and employees together)
      (Supply chain bonding)
      (Industry group)
      For enterprises, they really do not want to lose the people they have cultivated well, or the talents they encounter are available. So there are also many companies to do equity distribution, and even some people called the Amoeba rule (actually I don't know much about it). But:

      Take the e-commerce department of our sales department as an example. Previously, this department consisted of three people in a team, the leader of which was the head of the Amazon store in the United States and the head of the Amazon store in Japan. We only made our own brand, our own factory's life jacket, and strongly built our Yongsheng Eyson life jacket brand.

      The group leader is fully responsible for this department, and each person only gets the basic salary every month, without commission. The financial department of the headquarters and the group leader settle the monthly profits together every month, and settle and distribute 40% of the net profits every year.

      Last year, the group leader's profit dividend was more than 390,000, and the American store manager's profit dividend was more than 320,000.

      For a whole year, the department did not have to worry about me, whether it was marketing or inventory planning, procurement planning from the production department, and logistics arrangements, all of which were handled by their team.

      In order to enable each team to do a good job of sales quickly and safely, our company has always made early warning inventory. For example, the epidemic has made many suppliers unable to work normally. If there is no early warning, it may take some time for us to wait for raw materials. Although enterprises are encouraged to try to achieve zero inventory, for production-oriented enterprises, it is necessary to try to do enough early warning inventory.

      "Thinking about danger" "planning for a rainy day" we must do, which is also the advantage of enterprises and individuals SOHO in taking risks. Otherwise, even if the epidemic, even if the government approved to let you start, but many factories because there is no inventory of materials and can not carry out normal work.

      Of course, corporate culture is very key, our company in addition to these talent systems, there is another point is corporate culture.

      Cultivate a culture of family, a culture of love and a sense of corporate social responsibility in the company.



      Name: Sam Huan

      Mobile:+86 15989867639




      Add:NO.9,XinFa Road, Xinlian Village,Humen Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Provice,China

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